How Long Does It Take To Drill A Well
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How Long Does It Take To Drill A Well?

Drilling a well can take anywhere from six hours to a few weeks to complete. Many factors will play a role in determining just how long this project will take, such as depth of the well, amount of water in the well, and the type of soil.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A Water Well?

A well that is less than 200 feet deep can typically be completed in six hours. Again, this estimate could change based on the amount of water and soil type in the area. The first step in the process is determining the depth of the well by using a hand auger or an electric drill. Next, a hole will be drilled into the ground with a drill bit attached to a pipe.

Once the hole has been drilled, a screen will be placed over the opening in an effort to keep out any sand and sediment. As mentioned, the drilling process can take anywhere from six hours to a few weeks, depending on several factors outlined below.

Factors That Affect Drilling Time

Drilling a well is undoubtedly a complex process that involves several factors that can impact the overall timeline. Let’s take a look at some of the most common factors.

Geological Conditions

One of the primary reasons that drilling time can increase is the geological conditions of the area. Some areas feature soft soil that is easy to penetrate, while others can have hard rock formations that require both specialized techniques and equipment.

Underground obstacles like boulders or old well casings can ultimately slow the drilling process down. The presence of groundwater can make drilling more difficult, as it calls for additional measures to keep the hole from collapsing.

Type Of Well

The type of well being drilled plays a significant role in the total time it will take to complete the process. There are several types of wells, including drilled wells, driven wells, and dug wells.

Dug wells are manually excavated, which results in shorter drilling time compared to the other types. Drilled wells call for drilling rigs, which require the need for specialized equipment and techniques.

Water Depth

The depth of the water table is also a factor in the timeline of drilling. Shallow wells will usually have a shorter drilling time compared to deeper wells. This is due to the fact that drilling deeper calls for more time to penetrate through layers of rock and soil.

The majority of wells drilled for household use will range from 100 to 500 feet deep. Well water ultimately comes from underground aquifers, which are pockets of water found within the bedrock. This will be located at different depths depending on the specific area.

A bedrock well is drilled into solid rock, which creates easy access to the flowing water. Most household wells are usually six inches in diameter, featuring a six-inch casing or liner, according to SkillingsAndSons. The casing installed in the bedrock will keep surface water and sand out of the well. In most cases, a seal is installed at the bottom of the casing to also create a seal in the bedrock. The casing is generally 12 inches above the ground.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A 100 Foot Well?

How long it takes to drill a 100-foot well depends on a variety of factors. Typically, it should take four hours to completely drill a 100-foot well. Difficult terrain could cause the process to take a bit longer, however.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A 300 Foot Well?

The average depth of a well is 100 feet, so you will need to drill down about 200 feet for this well. Next, you must determine the diameter of the well. The average diameter is four inches, which calls for drilling down about eight inches. The typical volume is about 100 gallons, so you’ll have to drill down about 300 gallons. This process should take much longer than drilling a smaller, 100-foot well.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A 500 Foot Well?

Drilling a 500-foot well could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The deeper the well, the longer it will take for gravity to pull the sediment and particles down to the bottom. This process could take up to a few weeks to complete.


The total amount of time it takes to drill a well can vary. It will all depend on factors like well depth, terrain type, and the experienced of the professional drilling team. In general, the entire process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete.

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